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On the supernatural power

On Supernatural Powers

Many people are curious about supernatural powers. If you think that practicing Buddhism can gain supernatural powers, you should be classified as a “dull disciple”. Belief in Buddhism requires reasons. The most common reason is to eliminate suffering and obtain ultimate happiness.


Let’s start with a story from Sutra. When Buddha was alive, many of his disciples achieved the level of Arahant. Many of them can show supernatural powers and receive a lot of offerings. When they show such powers, they could fly in the sky. Because Arahants manifested their supernatural powers and made many people have confidence. Buddha knew this with his omniscient wisdom. Buddha gathered these Arahants to his room. In front of these disciples, Buddha shed tears and said to these disciples: “You are destroying my teachings.” Why? Because when an Arahant flies in the sky, he does not eliminate the suffering of sentient beings. The annoyance in the hearts of sentient beings cannot be eliminated by the supernatural powers of these Arahants. Furthermore, fame and offerings gained by supernatural powers hurts Buddhism.


The supernatural powers, from the perspective of Buddhism, is no benefit. From the perspective to help people, it has no way to generate benefits for all beings. The supernatural powers not only harm the Dharma, cannot benefit sentient beings, but it is also an obstacle to those with supernatural powers. why? We often talk about the eight worldly concerns as the biggest obstacle for practitioners. When a practitioner achieves such powers, he will get more offerings and fame. He will be happy or worried about the offerings and fame. When a practitioner shows his supernatural powers, he creates obstacles for himself. When manifesting supernatural powers for the benefit of sentient beings, sentient beings will have more delusions, and the obscuration in the hearts of sentient beings have not been resolved. Therefore, whether from their own perspective or the perspective of sentient beings, the supernatural powers will be an obstacle.


Suppose that there is a master in Taiwan, he can fly in the sky, I believe 95% of people will believe him. However, what will be gained if he can believe it? In fact, there is no good: he is still flying, the annoyance in our hearts are still there, and they haven’t disappeared by his powers. Thus his powers cannot benefit us, so why should we trust him? We should reflect on it.


Why would we believe it? Because we are ignorant. If you believe in Buddhism because of supernatural powers, you will be classified as a “dull person.” Why? Because of this belief, there is no way to solve our own problems, no way to eliminate our own pain and troubles.


Supernatural powers cannot eliminate annoyance and bring no direct benefits. Our teacher Shakyamuni Buddha has unobstructed supernatural powers. If supernatural powers can eliminate the annoyance of sentient beings, then Buddha would have saved all the sentient beings long ago. In fact, Buddha did not use supernatural powers to save sentient beings. He gave us the teachings of the Dharma, so that we can obtain the fruit of enlightenment by practice. Therefore, what can benefit us is the Dharma that the Buddha taught, and the Dharma is more effective than supernatural powers for benefiting sentient beings. So, what do we say is the greatest power? ——It is a person who learns the Dharma, and practices it and achieves the Buddha position, this is the greatest supernatural power.